Make It Easy To Customize Your Website

If you have a WordPress website, whether it’s for business or your own personal blog, you’ll soon discover that there are a number of things you can do to help customize your site and improve performance. Of course, for many people, the thought of making changes to the original theme can seem very overwhelming, especially for those who don’t know how to program or who aren’t familiar with even basic HTML code. Fortunately, there are numerous WordPress plugins that can help you do a number of important tasks, and you don’t even have to know a single line of code.

Adapt for Google and Amazon

For example, if you plan on monetizing your website with Google ads or ads from Amazon or another source, you can choose a plugin that will let you copy and paste the code into the plugin and it will be placed right where you want it. Without a plugin, you’d have to revert to changing the code in the theme files, which can be problematic, especially when there is a theme upgrade. Changing your theme, even if it’s to just update the theme to a newer version will often mean that all of the code that you so carefully placed is now gone.

Of course, when you start adding your own code to your theme files, you also increase the likelihood that something could go wrong. It only takes one misplaced character to cause problems with your website. Then, it can take hours and hours of excruciating work trying to find what is causing the error. With all of the WordPress plugins that are now available, there’s really no need for the average website owner to make changes to the theme files.

Plugin Search Revolution

You’ll find plugins that can add a sitemap, contact us or about us pages, but this is just the beginning. For many people, the whole reason they’re working so hard on their website is that they want to monetize it and use it as a source of income. If you want to use Google Analytics to track information about the traffic that arrives at your site, there’s a handy plugin that can help you do this without having to go into the code.

Additionally, when you’re monetizing your website or blog, you’ll also want to pay close attention to search engine optimization. You’ll find several different types of SEO plugins that can help ensure that your posts are optimized for search engine ranking.

Of course, many plugins will be designed for very specific applications, such as a plugin that allows users to rate a particular product or service. There are also plugins that you can use to add recipes to your blog posts.

The plugin will allow visitors to easily print your recipe, and it will often provide nutritional information based on the ingredients you listed in the recipe. Other types of plugins can be used to make your site mobile friendly or to manage spam comments. When you need to add a new level of functionality to your WordPress website, chances are there’s a plugin that’s already available to help you make your site easy to customize.